Mar 29, 2020

Simple Way To Remove Notification Shortcut Icons From Facebook App

Facebook is a great platform, no doubt about that. The company has been releasing some cool features both on their Facebook app and Facebook Lite app. But there are some features we don't like, and would want to remove.

If you actually noticed, there are some shortcut notification icons on top of Facebook app. When it was newly released, many users welcomed it, but now, it seems some users find it disturbing especially the red notification bubbles.

Well, it's very easy to personalize the notification shortcuts. You can remove and add any shortcut you feel like adding. But in this post, I will show you how to remove notification shortcuts from Facebook app for Android.

How To Remove Shortcut Notification Icons From Facebook App

Like I earlier said, it's very easy to personalize the notification area of your Facebook app.

To remove an icon, you just have to press and hold the icon you want to remove > then click on Remove from shortcuts bar.

That's all about removing notification icons from Facebook shortcut bar.

You can add them back by going to Facebook Settings > Shortcuts Bar.

Thats all you have now removed notification icons successfully, do well to comment and share this

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